Micro lectures about internet art · 2020

WELL WEB ART (originally in Portuguese: BEM WEB ART) is a web series of micro lectures about internet artworks specially produced for the Internet. The webseries presents several Brazilian sites, international famous sites and also other unusual ones, which dialogue with the historical web art (or net.art, internetart). WELL WEB ART is produced in the period of social isolation on behalf of Covid-19. At a time when world cultural production was primarily disseminated online, it seems conducive to reviewing creations to poetically rethink the Internet.

All videos have English subtitles, just access through YouTube settings.


Special Episode: The end of Flash Player
Episode 20: Mejor Vida Corporation
Episiode 19: Megafone.net
Episode 18: Mundial Bank of Genitalia
Episode 17: Blackness for sale
Episode 16: Rent-a-negro
Episode 15: Andrei Thomaz
Episode 14: Biennale.py
Episode 13: Content: no cache
Episode 12: Documenta Done
Episode 11: My Boyfriend came back from the war
Episode 10: Unendlich, fast…
Episode 9: Yong-Hae Chang Heavy Industries
Episode 8: JODI
Episode 7: Net.art generator
Episode 6: Artéria 8
Episode 5: CelebreMe
Episode 4: Rachelmauricio
Episode 3: Imaterial
Episode 2: FuckUFuckMe [+12]
Episode 1: Lands Beyond

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