Deliberator [installation]

Soraya Braz and Fabio FON · 3D Printing · 2014

Critically discussing technology and its implications, Deliberator emerges, a project based on the gradual disfigurement of a controversial digital manufacturing project.

This video has English subtitles.

Following the line of previous artworks such as Grampo (2007) and CAPTAS (2009), which critically discuss the dimension of the relationships established between / through technological means, the artists Soraya Braz and Fabio FON created Deliberator. This artwork consists of the gradual disfigurement of the digital model of the Cody Wilson Liberator pistol, which would be the first firearm that allows it to be produced entirely through the 3D printing process. It is called 3D printing, a type of digital fabrication based on a process of overlapping consecutive layers of material, being simpler and cheaper than other digital fabrication technologies. Due to its rapid diffusion in the years 2010, 3D printing inspired glimpses of a future in which many of the objects that we use (or imagine) in everyday life can be produced on a more personal scale. But, disagreeing with a future of undoubtedly beneficial and harmless things, behold, Wilson’s project promotes an exciting discussion about the implications of this new technology.

Deliberator, then, is an installation made up of seven sequentially aligned objects, which are the result of a cyclic process: starting from a non-functional model of Liberator, each object is scanned, becoming an image to become a three-dimensional digital model and, in sequence, it is printed in 3D to become an object again, a procedure that will be repeated several times until reaching total disfigurement.

The project was carried out with the support of Garagem Fab Lab.

In August 2014, Deliberator joined the 1st Festival of Art, Science and Technology in Rio Grande do Sul, FACTORS 1.0, being presented between the 20th and the 22nd of that month at the Arts and Letters Center of the Federal University of Santa Maria (UFSM ), in Santa Maria, RS.

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