How can artists create small disturbances in the social landscape in order to question technology and its limits? The book CTRL + ART + DEL is ready to reflect on critical actions in art and technology.

It is certain that you are being observed right now in some way. Look around you. There are surveillance cameras, satellites, cell phones, supermarket loyalty cards, identification chips, social networking sites and even Wikipedia ready to take a look at you. Invasion? Just part of a market logic? Contemporaneity seems more and more like a cyberpunk prologue, in which the individual is increasingly insignificant. It is then that an artistic production emerges, which uses these new means to introduce small disturbances in the social landscape, whose challenge is to question technology and its limits, as well as to demonstrate the superficiality of social relations and to identify hegemonic thinking. Among reflections and analyzes of web art works, interactive installations and other art and technology projects, Fábio Oliveira Nunes (Fabio FON) seeks in this essay, which Perspectiva publishes in its Big Bang collection, to reassess the present guidelines. Opening this new world by a shortcut: do CTRL + ART + DEL.

In this book authored by Fabio FON, released in 2010, several works of web art, net art, media art, communication art, performance, among other situations, in view of Brazilian and international production, were addressed. Some of the referenced artists are: Fred Forest, Steve Mann, Lucas Bambozzi, Critical Art Ensemble, Egdar Franco, Perry Hoberman, Giselle Beiguelman, Minerva Cuevas, Suzete Venturelli and Mario Maciel, among others. The reflections also come from the artist’s own production, in works such as Freakpedia, Post-human Glimpses (both developed jointly with the artist Edgar Franco) in addition to previous artworks such as ONOS .

The book has Portuguese version only, with the title ‘CTRL + DEL + ART: Distúrbios em Arte e Tecnologia’ (Ed. Perspectiva).


Presentation – Gilbertto Prado 11
Introduction 15

  1. The Context Inserted in Art 29
    Dadá 33
    Conceptualisms 37
    Postal Art 40
    Beuys: Art as Social Sculpture 44
    Situationism 47
    Sociological Art 52
    Communication Aesthetics 58
    Fred Forest 65
    Media and Art 69
    Relational Aesthetics 73
    Technorelational Stances 81
  2. Network Relations and Mediation 89
    Internet Network Censorship 95
    Web 2.0 99
    Wikipedia 110
    Web Art Production 119
    Freakpedia: Concepts 125
    Freakpedia: Technique and Content 132
    Action and Mediation 141
    Web 3.0 148
  3. Hegemony Cyborg 155
    Cyberpunks 156
    Cyborgs 166
    Control Society 169
    Market and Technoscience 175
    Flows and Decelerations 188
    Emergency 195
    The Post-Human Aurora by Edgar Franco 202
    Post-Human Glimpses Project 208
  4. Technology and its Disorders 219
    Relational Forms 223
    Disturbances and Deviations 228
    Coexistence Actions 234
    Monitoring Actions 241
    Intrinsic Actions 258
    Actions with Social Models 271
    Roaming and Clamping: Intrinsic and Social 280
    Other Actions 289

Final Considerations 295
Bibliography 303

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