Artist lie [book]

Art (and technology) that deceives us to rethink the world

Artist Lie: art (and technology) that deceives us to rethink the world of Fabio Oliveira Nunes (Fabio FON) addresses a universe of contemporary artworks that go through what they are not. Here, artists resort to forms that aim to mislead the real nature of their propositions by inserting them as part of a context: they can make use of personas (an alternative existence is assumed), create fictitious institutions (such as companies, for example), generate ambiguous situations or engage in other practices that, as a rule, happen outside the usual environments of the arts. These practices dialogue with a “fake culture”, which goes back to the pseudonyms of creators from various eras and to situations that explain our ability to validate what is fiction and reality in the current world. Thus, we seek to note the systemic disposition of these actions in the environments they choose. This allows us to discuss the idea of ​​context in art and its relational developments. It is based on the premise that these artistic actions provide a critical look at the ecosystems that they choose, making us rethink the world in which we live. In addition, they trigger new attention, in an attempt to reach the domain of micropolitics, techno-national dimensions, social dialogue at the intersections between art and technology; they are especially emerging forms resulting from the contamination between art, communication and technology and the relativization of the limits between the environments of art and life. Based on the development of these points of reflection, an attempt is made to map artworks by contemporary foreign and Brazilian artists in a range of environments and contexts.

The book has the preface by Prof. Dr. Miguel Gally (University of Brasilia) and opening text by Prof. Dr. Milton Sogabe (São Paulo State University), both Brazilian researchers.

The book was published only in Portuguese.


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