ALTERIA [magazine]

Visual poetics magazine · 2014

A magazine of visual poetics whose authors were exclusively alterego, personas and pseudonyms. The magazine has the participation of relevant Brazilian creators hidden under their other names.

Within the post-doctoral research by Fabio FON (Fábio Oliveira Nunes) under the title “Mimicry: Relational strategy in art and technology”, carried out with the support of FAPESP – São Paulo State Research Support Foundationa the Alteria magazine is organized, a visual poetics magazine with exclusive participation of alter egos, personas and pseudonyms. The magazine’s insight comes from studies about the otherness of authorship by artists in new media. Within the research, it would then be necessary not only to compose a publication with these modifiers, but also to create a mimetic product, capable of assuming itself and camouflaging itself in its context. The chosen element would then be an experimental magazine of visual poetry. The reference for mimetic action will be the magazine Artéria, produced since 1975 by the Brazilian poets Omar Khouri and Paulo Miranda. Artéria magazine has periodically brought together authors of visual poetics (designers, visual artists, visual poets, among others) around a proposal: to always be changeable. With each new issue, the magazine proposes to take on new supports or formats.

In a play on words in Portuguese, the magazine ARTÉRIA becomes ALTERIA. The exchange of a single letter begins to reveal the proposition of alterity in the new publication and its authors. But, for the mimetic game to be complete, it was also up to the conception of a form that would cause indistinction – without denying being a tribute to the conceptualism always present in the historical mimicked production: the imitation of the cover of Artéria in its first issue. The cover of Alteria imitates the same sources, and the portrait divided between the cover and the back cover, previously the face of the father of one of the organizers of the 1970s edition, becomes the face of the “father” of conceptualisms, Marcel Duchamp.

Several authors with creative personas already approached during the research were invited to join other creators (among poets, visual poets, photographers and visual artists) who accepted the challenge of publication. Thus, the Alteria magazine is launched in April 2014, in two versions: printed, as well as the magazine Artéria; and also digital – where you can print “facsimile” versions on your website, to be bound just like the paper version. The magazine has only version in Portuguese.


The alterautors present in the magazine are: Rabuja Rubirosa; Souzousareta Geijutsuka; wALTER Weloz; Vânia da Silva; Augusto Nora; Antonio Edmilson de Oliveira Filho; Anton Lobo; Sophia Galante; Grupo Olho De Vidro; Bárbaro, The Third; Darcy Dias; Silvestre Sepúlvida; Nãobusto Duchamp; Mimo Steim; Johnny Warhol; Jota Mansur (text of website).

Automatic translation of the original page in Portuguese.

Comparison between Artéria 1 and Alteria 1 covers.