3 artistic publications to download for free

04.15.2020 [2020 pandemic]

Currently, the website FABIOFON.COM offers 3 publications that can be downloaded for free by you. Let them, starting with the oldest: NÓISGRANDE is a unique publication number organized by Fabio FON in 2006 gathered 10 Brazilian creators in a unique project of digital object magazine: a little CD-ROM brings together creations designed under the aegis of digital experimentalism , adding images, sounds, animation to the domain of visual poetry; this CD-ROM was presented inside a walnut produced in transparent resin and its title carried a pun in addition to its format, playing with one of the most significant words of Brazilian Concrete Poetry – NOIGANDRES. The magazine is a significant example of the moment of digital experimentation that rocks contemporary artistic production between the 1990s and 2000s, as well as, for bringing emerging names from Brazilian poetry and arts, both artists and researchers active in scientific research. Here on the site you can download a .ZIP file with all the works, just unzip it on your computer and access the file “open”.

Alteria is another free publication available on the website FABIOFON.COM organized by Fabio FON in 2014. It is a poetics of visual magazine, with graphic works and poems. There is a special condition in the authorship of the participants: all visual artists and poets present themselves exclusively under pseudonyms, personas or alteregos in their creations, that is, none of the participants presents their real name. ALTERIA is an exercise in alterity in creation – the detachment of personalities, names and the whole load of values ​​and meanings involved there. For just not bringing any explicit names, even though many of the participants are recognized creators in Brazil, Alteria remains an incognito publication, as a message of intentional origin that is not very clear. Here on the website, through the Alteria page, you can find two versions of the magazine: a version for reading on digital devices (for those who do not want to print) and also a version in PDF format for printing on home printers – on A4 size sheets, just like how the original copies of the publication were printed. Go to: www.fabiofon.com/alteria.

There is another publication entirely free for you: the book Artist’s lie: art (and technology) that deceives us to rethink the world, written in portuguese by Fabio FON (here as Fabio Oliveira Nunes), which “addresses a universe of contemporary works of art that pass for what they are not ”- the so-called“ Artist’s Lies ”! The book presents and analyzes works created by Brazilian and foreign artists who seek, in some aspect, to deceive their audience. It is a book released in 2016, with the support of the PROAC notice from the Government of the State of São Paulo, Brazil, which made the free distribution of the work viable. You can download the book in its entirety through the publication’s hotsite in Portuguese: http://mentiradeartista.fabiofon.com.

Automatic translation of the original page in Portuguese.